Over time some topics have been discussed so many times that older forum members tend to assume that it is common knowledge what a word refers to. This list does not include acronyms.

  • Anki: a spaced repetition system (SRS)[1]
  • Heisig method: the memory technique taught in the Remembering the Kanji 1
  • i+1, i+2 etc.: Short hand for minimum information principle[2]
  • IKnow: old name for A platform for online learning of any subject[3]
  • Lang-8, lang8: a website for learning and writing foreign languages[4]
  • Kanji Chain Method: a memory technique for learning on-readings of kanji[5]
  • Kanji Town Method: a memory technique for learning on-readings of kanji. An adaption of the memory palace technique (based on the method of loci)[4]
  • Movie Method: a variation of the kanji town method using movies instead of locations
  • RTK Lite: the reduced list of RTK. Only contains the one thousand most common kanji[6]
  • a platform for online learning of any subject[7]
  • Subs2SRS: a utility that creates import files for Anki from video files[8]
  • Tae Kim: Tae Kim's Japanese Guide to Japanese Grammar[9]

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