FANDOM (formerly iKnow!) is a collaborative language learning website. Originally designed for Japanese learning English, it has now advanced into allowing many other languages.

The site's main focus is on the creation of "lists", which are groups of vocabulary items that can be reviewed using the various applications on the site. Lists can optionally contain audio and example sentences for each item.

Applications Edit's chief application is its former namesake. The "iKnow!" application is a Flash-based spaced repetition system which presents lists in a progressive manner.

If a list contains audio and sentences, the "Dictation" application becomes available. In this application, a sentence is played and the user is required to type what is heard within a time limit. A limited number of mistakes are allowed.

"BrainSpeed" is the third application usable on the site. A prompt is given and the user must answer from one of two choices. As the game progresses, the necessary response time increases.

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